What kind of adviser does an accounting office need? Will one with an excellent knowledge of tax law suffice? – NO. Or is it necessary that, in addition to a perfect knowledge of tax law, they know other areas of law and understand the problems faced by businesses? – YES, that is why our law firm is the best adviser for accounting offices.

Our law firm solves complex legal and tax problems of our clients – both small entrepreneurs and very large companies from various industries – on a daily basis. We know the legal and tax problems of businesses inside out, which is why we know precisely what business clients expect accounting offices to deal with. The issues that accounting offices grapple with on a daily basis are also the subjects of our daily analyses.

Our team comprises experts in various areas of tax law (VAT, CIT, PIT, property tax, withholding tax, transfer pricing, IP-BOX, R&D relief, chain transactions, excise tax, tax optimisation – to put it briefly, we are competent in all areas of tax law), but our work is never limited to solving an isolated tax problem. We take a comprehensive approach to each case – analysing in detail the legal and tax situation of the client. We know well that the clients are not interested in the contents and interpretation of the law, instead they expect solutions to specific problems, and this is what we do!

We know well that nothing changes as often as the legal and tax environment in which businesses operate, and with it the questions directed to the accounting offices that serve them. As tax advisers, we are among the first to have a complete understanding of the changes that are being introduced, and we explain them immediately to the accountancy offices with which we cooperate.

What if the client’s case is outside the area of tax law? No problem at all, we have the expertise to advise on any area of law – commercial contracts, employment law, GDPR, construction law or environmental law are nothing new to us.

We offer several cooperation options, tailored to the size and needs of each accounting office. To learn the details, please contact us at We will be happy to tell you more about our range of services.

Last but not least! By cooperating with us, you are also guaranteed unlimited and free access to attractive tax trainings provided by our other brand – the Academy of Taxes and Law (Akademia Podatków i Prawa).

Advisers to Accounting Offices