We deal with all aspects of contract work – including contracts and commercial transactions. We prepare drafts of the contracts, negotiate individual provisions, propose best solutions to secure a given contract, taking into account various scenarios of further cooperation of the parties. Our task is both to prepare a reliable and legitimate contract, which meets your commercial expectations and reflects the nature of your relationship with the contractor.  

We are aware that those of you who have claims resulting from breach of the contract or against whom such claim has been brought, it is a top priority to get immediate and comprehensive legal advice. We guarantee that thanks to our knowledge and experience, we will be able to quickly identify key aspects of the contract, assess potential risks and indicate possible solutions.  

It is essential to identify crucial points at early stage of a potential dispute – this can help to avoid a long and potentially failed judicial trial and can lead to an amicable settlement.  

You can count on our support within the scope of: 

  • preparation and evaluation of different kinds of contracts in business trading (including preliminary agreements, templates of contracts, general terms and conditions, settlements and  interpretation of contractual provisions) 
  • participation during negotiations and support in execution of the agreements 
  • negotiation and mediation 
  • representation in court proceedings related to non-performance or improper performance of contracts.