New investments and products seem to be current market tendency. But they are also the key to success in a process of building strong and competitive enterprise. We know that constant development based on new initiatives constitutes integral part of running a company.  

Regardless of whether the company is looking for new investment area or is already during the process of implementing its objectives, our team is ready to support you 

We do not follow regular patterns. We create innovative solutions adjusted to the particular needs of the client. Apart from substantive support and complex legal and tax services, in investment and construction process we also provide comprehensive market analysis and verification of risks of any kind.  

We do know how to secure our Client’s interest. We possess extensive experience in implementation of a whole range of constructions projects. While accompanying you during the investment and construction process, we may offer support within the scope of: 

  • finding and deciding on the best investment location, 
  • risk and analysis assessment, 
  • selecting partners and contractors required for investment realization,  
  • completing necessary economic and legal data related with the investment, 
  • obtaining permissions and decisions of any kind, including planning permissions, the statements of compliance with the area development plan and building permits, 
  • preparation and verification of the documents (including applications, bylaws, letters), 
  • drafting and negotiation of the contracts (such as construction contracts, contracts for design works, construction supervision contracts and sub-contracting arrangements), 
  • negotiation with local authorities,  
  • raising European and governmental funds supporting investment process and the company’s further operations, 
  • comprehensive legal and tax services during the investment and construction process,  
  • representing clients in disputes between the participants of the investment and construction process,