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Krzysztof Staniek, PhD

Managing Partner

Ph. D. in law, legal advisor and licensed tax advisor. Co-founder of Staniek & Partners – Law for Industry.

For over a decade, as a President of the Management Board and Managing Director, he managed a number of large holding industry companies, where he dealt with legal and tax challenges of manufacturing business, both within and outside the EU. He combines his business experience with legal practice – he took part in a number of investment and restructuring processes. He also managed production plant’s construction processes. A worldwide contract negotiator, who successfully carried out a number of complex M&A transactions.

He has extensive experience in tax advisory, both in current and operational matters concerning the functioning of enterprises. He also has a broad range of competences required to conduct strategic tax optimization. For many years he has been closely cooperating with statutory auditors’ office. His understanding of business and problems of practice does not prevent him from developing his scientific passion. His interests in this area involve the processes of company acquisitions and mergers, with particular emphasis on their cross-border mergers. He has a wide range of managerial competences.

Privately – he is an enthusiast of astronomy and natural philosophy, who is perfectly familiar with the Messier marathon. He actively trains kung fu in Choy Lee Fut style.

Michał Staniek

Managing Partner

Co-founder of Staniek & Partners – Law for Industry. Licensed tax advisor and legal advisor.

In his professional practice he combines knowledge of tax and economic law. He specializes in strategic consulting during complex projects. His experience includes, among others, supporting clients in restructuring processes and developing cross-border settlement models for entities operating within international capital groups. He has been actively involved in areas related to reliefs on new technologies and innovation.

He does not avoid courts and successfully represent clients in judicial proceedings and in proceedings before tax authorities.

Apart from advisory activities he also provides tax law trainings – as a partner of the largest training companies in Poland and a lecturer at higher education institutions.

His leisure time he prefers to spent on mountain trails. He tries to run regularly, regardless of weather conditions. He is interested in origins of Polish proverbs and idiomatic expressions.

Jerzy Migdał, PhD, DSc, Professor

Of counsel

Former head of the Department of Executive Criminal Law at the Jagiellonian University and the of the Department of Executive Criminal Law at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. For many years he continued his scientific work at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University.

He is the author and co-author of many monographs and other scientific publications in the field of executive criminal law.

He actively participates in scientific life as a member of Scientific Councils, Supervisory Boards and as a vice-president of the Polish Association of Enterprise Employers in Warsaw.

For many years, as an advocate and legal advisor he provided legal services to companies, also as the board advisor for large international companies and smaller business entities and organizational units, cooperatives and local government units.

He is interested in Polish painting and folklore.

Michał Krawczyk

Tax Specialist | Senior Associate

A graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics.

A former employee of tax authorities (1999-2003 Tax Office in Wroclaw, 2003 – 2014 Tax Control Department of the Tax Office). In 2014 – 2016 he worked as a tax consultant and manager at Tax Advisors Group in Wrocław. Since 2016 he has been running his own business supporting entrepreneurs in application of tax law and providing tax trainings. He cooperates with Staniek&Partners since 2020.

He is an expert of Standard Audit Tax File for Tax, VAT, tax control, custom-treasury, tax proceedings and other matters undertaken by National Tax Administration.

Since 2008 he designs and carries out tax trainings in scope of VAT and tax procedures. In 2008-2014 he co-created and conducted trainings in the training centers of the Ministry of Finance and within Professional Education Centre of the Ministry of Finance. Currently he provides trainings within his own business activity. He is author and co-author of press and book publications for Presscom and C.H. Beck publishers.

Privately a fanatic of good music, in his free time he relieve his energy by improvising on electric guitar.

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