In view of frequent amendments to the law and dilemmas related to its practical application, it is necessary to constantly expand and update knowledge of the current regulations and practices of their application. For this reason, as part of the Tax and Law Academy, we prepare for you comprehensive tax and legal trainings conducted by experienced specialists from our Firm. We also cover some topics in the form of shorter, free webinars.

The training courses as part of the Tax and Law Academy are organised primarily with the needs of accountants and accounting offices in mind. The training topics include among others:

  • the latest changes in taxes,
  • reporting tax arrangements,
  • transfer pricing documentation,
  • safe closing of the year,
  • and many more.

These events are held online. For more details about our training offer, please visit: 

How do we train?

We have many years of experience in providing legal and tax training for manufacturing and service companies, particularly in the areas of tax law, environmental law, labour law and business management in the broad sense. Our training courses focus purely on a practical approach to the topics discussed. We share our knowledge in an understandable, accessible and factual manner – we explain how to read regulations, interpret them and apply them in everyday work, in business or when implementing new projects. We try to make the most of the time available during training to ensure that the sessions are fully factual and professional. Theory is kept to an absolute minimum. We share our advisory and business experience.

Training courses and free tax and legal webinars

Our offer ranges from comprehensive training sessions lasting several hours, where we discuss a given issue in detail, to shorter, free webinars on tax and legal matters, during which we cover the essential issues in a given field. In addition to open events, we also offer specialised training dedicated to your company. 

Training courses for accountants

The law, especially tax law, changes very dynamically. In order to keep up to date with all its intricacies, it is necessary to continuously improve your knowledge. Therefore, a great deal of our training is tailored to the needs of accountants and accounting offices.

Changes in taxes – training courses

We immediately inform our Clients about all relevant tax changes, and we also try to clarify any questions and doubts related to the introduced changes during dedicated trainings. 

Online and on-site tax training

At present, due to the epidemiological situation, training sessions are conducted online, using established and convenient IT tools. At the request of our Clients, we organise closed-door training for company employees, taking care to maintain the sanitary regime. Of course, as soon as the situation returns to normal, we will be organising on-site training to a greater extent.

We encourage you to take a look at our training offer, available at: or contact us directly to arrange a course of your interest.