Nothing is perfect. Even the best-quality products may have defects – a Swiss watch may stop measuring time and a German car can stop working.  

Complaints usually appear simple for consumers. What is the situation in case of entrepreneurs? How to approach the defective product problem and at the same time keep in with the contractor? How to negotiate effectively and avoid exacerbating the situation? 

As a team stemming from the business, we know the perfect answers to these questions. We know that such situations require individual approach and detailed analysis, not only in legal and economic area, but also with regard to the relations between the parties.

We are fully aware of the sensitivity of such cases, therefore we offer you the following support:  

  • a thorough analysis of the legal basis of the complaints in relation to the given legal system,  
  • interpretation of legal provisions and preparing legal opinions, 
  • mediation and negotiation,  
  • drawing up a settlements, 
  • in case a settlement is not reached, preparation of the relevant pleadings (including lawsuits), 
  • representing the clients before authorities and courts,