Never before has environmental law played such an important role in running business as it does today. Within this area legislation is evolving rapidly. However, environmental protection results in additional obligations imposed on entrepreneurs. Ignoring or disregarding them may result in serious consequences, such as financial fees, criminal liability or damage to the company’s reputation.

We are aware how difficult it is to equalize the company’s interest and compliance with binding regulations and environmental restriction. We perfectly know numerous problems entrepreneurs have to struggle with within this area. And we are ready to help you.

We have extensive competences and experience in dealing with environmental matters, including administrative proceedings in this area. We offer practical knowledge combined with the awareness of how challenging running a business is. All these aspects allow us to provide you with the top-quality advisory services in order to protect the environment together and at the same time confidently handle the legal challenges.

The scope of our advisory services includes in particular:

  • preparing legal opinions and interpretations of environmental law,
  • assessment and due diligence of the enterprise within the obligations resulting from the environmental law,
  • preparing environmental expertise,
  • providing support within the reporting obligations required by the environmental law,
  • assistance within the scope of regulations regarding gas and dust emission, water and sewage management, as well as protection against noise and electromagnetic radiation,
  • analysis of the intended investments in the legal and environmental context,
  • obtaining required permits and environmental decisions (in particular sector, emission, required by Water Law Act and integrated permits, as well as waste management permits);
  • representing clients before the governmental and local administrative bodies and administrative courts.